Welcome to ProKneePainRelief.com. Here’s a little bit about this website and why it was created!

About me

My name is Jay, and I’m a former dancer who has experienced knee pain all throughout his career. I created this website with the goal of sharing my experiences and pain relief techniques and tips with others. None of this would be possible without the assistance of my wonderful wife who is also a physical therapist.

Who writes the content

I’m the main website editor and contributor, always under the watchful eye of my wife. Over the years several physical therapists, athletes & runners have contributed bits of information to ProKneePainRelief.com too. These include content about different types of knee pain, relief, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, prevention tips & treatment.

Is this professional medical advice?

I am not a medical doctor, however. I am a former dancer who knows what it feels like to live and deal with knee pain and injuries for a long time, every day.

I’ve lived with knee pain for over two decades, and I can truly say I’ve consulted with all kinds of professional doctors, therapists and patients for multiple injuries. I’ve tried practically every therapy there is, good and bad. The bad ones are the reason why I wanted to share the most effective ones with everyone else.

I truly thank you for being here, and I hope the experiences I shared are helpful for alleviating your knee problems.

Never hesitate to contact your doctor under any circumstances.

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To start getting help for your knee pain we recommend visiting my knee diagnosis guide. This page will help you understand where your knee pain is coming from, what caused it, and how to treat it.

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