ICD 9 Code For Knee Pain

ICD 9 Code For Knee PainHow many people know the ICD 9 Code for knee pain? Not many. Did you know that hospitals use many different codes for various conditions? This method of communication was implemented so medical practitioners as well as nurses knew what and how to treat patients properly.

Knee pain treatment is usually classified under ICD 9. Therefore, knowing the ICD 9 code for knee pain will help you, your doctor and even your insurance provider with understanding the full medical situation.

What is ICD 9 Code For Knee Pain

ICD stands for the International Statistical Classification of Disease. In the hospital the code 719.46 is the ICD 9 code for knee pain. 726.24 & 726.60 are ICD 9 knee pain codes for anterior and lateral knee pain. These universal codes are the numeric value given to the specific knee condition so that doctors are able to determine, understand and treat a patient’s knee pain properly.

Why is the ICD 9 Code For Knee Pain Important

If you visit the hospital or you see your doctor often then knee pain relief might only be a code away. Whether you know it or not there are thousands of medical problems that doctors have to treat. Conditions without a code attached to them would make life much more difficult as well as time consuming. A proper code (719.46, 726.24 & 726.60) for each condition makes it easier for doctors and nurses to understand.

In addition, it helps to identify the medical condition, illness and treatment methods without wasting valuable time. The great thing is the code is a universal number. That means if you injure your knee while you are away on vacation you can breath easier because the ICD 9 knee pain code is the exact same in other cities, states, countries and continents.

Health Insurance & the ICD 9 Code For Knee Pain

The ICD 9 knee pain code is a great code to familiarize yourself with especially if you are regularly submitting insurance claims for recurring knee pain problems. When submitting a knee pain medical claim the code will assist you in speeding up the process. It will also help the insurance agent with the medical billing since the code is used to classify your knee pain.

In essence, knowing the proper code will save you time, energy and money so your insurance carrier will know how to categorize your claim.

  • ICD 9 code for knee pain: 719.46
  • ICD 9 code for anterior knee pain: 726.24
  • ICD 9 code for lateral knee pain: 726.60

Remember to store the ICD 9 Code For Knee Pain in your cell phone, tablet or electronic device to have handy when and if the situation arises.

Article last updated on January 7th, 2019, first published on March 4, 2013.

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