101 Knee Pain Relief Tips

Knee pain reliefFinding knee pain relief can be a daunting task. If you don’t have health insurance then you might even feel scared. In addition, with tons of information floating through the web it can be a little overwhelming.

Luckily, a majority of knee pain relief is about smart living. It’s about making the necessary changes to your life to choose to live pain free. Sometimes bad knee pain is difficult to get rid of no matter what you do to fix it. For those situations you may want to ask a doctor or healthcare professional.

Today, most people use the internet to educate themselves and take control of their lives. Those who live with knee pain every single day are no exception. Unfortunately, people can’t seem to get rid of knee pain easily. Why? Because the best way to do it is to change your way of thinking.

There are worlds of remedies about helping or fixing knee pain problems. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of them.

That’s why I listed 101 various ways to find knee pain relief. Some of the ideas are common tips and others are lifestyle suggestions. Hopefully you understand that not every one of them needs to be used. Having said that, your goal is to pick and choose what works best for you to achieve a more comfortable and knee pain free life.

All you have to do is find the right combination of tips to accomplish your goals.

Note: Be smart. Talk to a healthcare professional about your specific knee pain relief.

Common Knee Pain Relief Tips

The list below are common knee pain relief tips you might hear from a doctor. In addition most knee pain related websites recommend these relief tips.

Rest – The amount of time you rest varies on your knee pain or injury. Reduce your activity for a day or two. If you still feel pain or you need more rest then extend the time. Most importantly listen to your body and your doctor.

Ice – Use a bag of ice or cold pack on your knee. 4 to 8 times per day for 15 to 20 minutes each time is recommended. For more comfort use a towel or a rag.

Compression – For support and to reduce the swelling in your knee, use a compression bandage. These include either elastic-type wraps, such as an Ace bandage.

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Elevation – For a day or 2 (no more) elevate your knee to reduce swelling and pain. This allows the blood to be drawn away from the affected area.

Cane – Usually older people seek knee pain relief from a cane. However, a cane can be beneficial under many circumstances, and especially if you’re suffering from arthritis.

Icy Hot – Icy Hot is ok to use for minor knee pain issues. If your muscle aches or you strained a hamstring, Icy Hot may benefit you.

Knee Braces – There are all kinds of knee braces for all types of injuries and conditions. That means your knee brace will differ if you suffer from a ligament injury vs. arthritis. Check out the knee brace guide to see which knee brace is best for you.

Consult Your Doctor – When in doubt about your pain contact your doctor. Also contact them if your knee pain increases or becomes severe. If you don’t have one visit a pharmacist. Explain to them your entire situation. It’s free and they are usually helpful in pointing people in the best direction.

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs – Advil, Allieve or Motrin can temporarily relieve knee pain. Only take medication as prescribed.

Physical Therapy – Most chronic knee pain is avoidable. A physical therapist can recommend exercises that can correct and relieve knee pain. Read some of our many knee exercises for quality knee pain relief.

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Advanced Knee Pain Relief Tips

The list below are more advanced knee pain relief tips you might apply if you suffer chronic knee pain. The tips below should only be used after consulting a doctor or healthcare provider.

Acupuncture – According to Acupuncture Today studies show acupuncture to be effective in relieving certain types of knee pain. Benefiting the most are arthritic conditions of the knee and knee joint pain.

Cortisone Injection – A cortisone shot is a steroid used to treat joint pain caused by degenerative conditions. Arthritis is one of the most common. This form of treatment can sometimes cause an adverse reaction.

Hyaluronan injection – Hyaluronan injection are not always effective. However, an analysis of twenty studies published in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery found that injections did reduce pain. It also found that it increased the function of the knee in people with osteoarthritis.

Knee surgery – Most knee pain relief seekers will never need knee surgery. However, in some cases, surgery may be effective by minimizing or eliminating knee pain when other treatment methods have failed.

Arthroscopic surgery – Arthroscopy typically involves inserting a small camera into the knee and then treating identifiable problems. These problems include, trimming damaged cartilage, removing debris, repairing defective joint cartilage with a graft and removing or repairing a torn meniscus.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation – TENS is the use of electric current by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. It is commonly used for the management of pain, however, it’s effects are unclear.

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Knee Pain Relief Exercises

The list below are knee pain exercise tips to strengthen your knees. Strengthening the knees has been shown to relieve pain. If you suffer from severe knee pain or your knee pain increases avoid knee pain relief exercises.

Mini Wall Squats – If you are building your knees back to health then mini wall squats can be effective. Some people even swear that their knee pain went away after doing squats. Click here for the proper form for a squat with good technique.

Stair Step-Ups – Strengthening the knee muscles above and below can help increase knee strength. Due a few step-ups using a step block or step up and down from a staircase.

Sit Up and Sit Down – Your knees are largely supported by your quadriceps and hamstrings. Also, your calf muscles and hip adductors also help support them.

Leg Extensions – Strengthening your quadriceps will help strengthen your knees. Leg extensions are also very low impact knee exercises.

Back and Forth Knee Rolls – Sometimes you can foam roll your knee pain away. Over time your body gets out of line. Foam rolling realigns it.

Hip Extensions – Build strength in your hips with hip extensions. This in turn will help your annoying knee pain. The hips are a big contributing factor to why people suffer knee pain.

Leg Lifts – Exercising the muscles surrounding the knee joints helps relieve knee pain. Sometimes you have to look around the problem to find the problem.

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Alternative Activities for Knee Pain Relief

The list below are activities to help avoid knee pain or minimize the use of your knees. If you have pain in your knees you don’t have to stop being active. Change the activity!

Archery – Archery is the art, practice and skill of propelling arrows with a bow. The good news is you don’t need much knee strength to propel a 200 mile an hour arrow 230 feet away.

Ballooning – Get your mind and weight off of your knees. Fresh air and new adventures will help you enjoy the world around you. If you like heights then ballooning is a great knee less activity to do.

Billiards – Pool is one of the safest sports in the world, and very easy on the knees.

Bowling – Bowling is a low impact activity that uses 70% concentration. That means you only need 30% use of your physical being.

Camping – The fresh air and exercise is great for your health. Plus camping is great to reconnect with family and nature.

Cards – Playing cards is such a great way to bring the family together. It also is a great way to get the guys together for some poker and a friendly wager.

Cooking – If you can’t stand the knee pain then go into the kitchen and cook.

Darts – You can play darts at home or at your local bar. Darts is a fun cool game that doesn’t require much knee strength.

Movies – Yes the movies! What better way to find entertainment & knee pain relief at the same time. Is money a concern? Getting beyond debt with a matinee discount will make your knees and wallet smile.

Driving – You might find some knee pain relief with some fresh driving air. Take your mind off your injury and put the pedal to the metal. If your knees don’t mind of course.

Fall in Love – Love is powerful enough to make the world go ’round. It’s also powerful enough to lower one’s blood pressure, reduce depression and speed the healing of an injury.

Fishing – Fishing is a great way to spend time with your family and friends. It also reduces stress which might be just the knee pain relief you need.

Horseback Riding – Horseback riding is a form of exercise. In addition it improves respiration and blood circulation.

Join a Group – Find a group through Facebook or some other website. You will find cool and like-minded people who share your passion.

Kayaking Kayaking is a great form of exercise. It promotes weight loss and builds strength. Most importantly, unless you are in the Olympics you don’t need much knee strength.

Laughing – Get some knee pain relief at your local comedy club or favorite Youtube channel. Laughing will take your mind off your problems.

Mini Golf – Mini golf is just plain fun. It doesn’t require much knee support. You will laugh, create memories and still stay active.

Painting – Knee pain relief won’t be complete until you express yourself. Paint about your experience in an abstract way and you might be the next Picasso.

Photography – If you want to make someone look good in photos or you just want to photograph birds, photography will keep you active without stress on your knees.

Pilates – Pilates is one of those activities that keeps you exercising and builds strength. Also pilates is recommend by some doctors for knee pain relief.

Religion – “Research at Oxford University found believers can draw on their religion to endure suffering with greater fortitude,” The Daily Telegraph reported.

Sailing – If you are a type of person who wants to engage in various adventures, then consider sailing. It’s good exercise and promotes relaxation. A perfect knee pain relief activity.

Shooting – Despite all the bad press, shooting guns as a sport has many benefits.

Swimming – Swimming is the perfect knee pain relief activity. When the body enters the water it automatically gets lighter. Plus it’s great for your flexibility, muscle tone and cardiovascular system.

Table Tennis – When Forrest Gump was shot in the buttocks he sought relief by learning to play table tennis. Perhaps this can work for you as well.

Walking – If you can walk with your bad knee then add this one to the list. It’s a great activity and it builds strength while striving for knee pain relief.

Yoga – Yoga means body awareness. It is also another perfect knee pain relief activity. Read the 7 yoga stretches for knee pain relief.

We also listed many other activities you can do with bad knees here!

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Mind Over Matter

Bathing – Sometime after a long day, a nice long soak in a warm bath is just the soothing ticket. Add in some bath salts and your journey to knee pain relief is complete.

Jacuzzi – Sitting in a jacuzzi reduces stress and eases muscle pains. It also improves circulation for overall better knee health.

Meditate – There are hundreds of benefits to meditation. There are psychological benefits, physiological benefits and spiritual benefits.

Listen to Music – Let the music move you. Figuratively of course. If you are looking for knee pain relief, music is a perfect starting point.

Crossword Puzzle – If you are lying on the couch elevating your knee do a crossword puzzle. Stimulating your brain is a great way to distract you while you are healing. Plus they are super fun to do.

Reading – Immmerse yourself in a great best selling novel. Reading not only makes you smarter but it also reduces stress.

Crochet – Have you ever read Crochet Saved My Life: The Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Crochet? I think the title says it all.

Drawing – Drawing is a self expression tool. There are millions of people who use drawing as a therapeutic form of expression.

Watch Interesting TV – Watching TV is relaxing. It’s also the perfect time to prop your legs up on a mound of pillows to get the swelling down in the knees.

Pamper Yourself – Forget knee pain relief go for total body mind and soul relief. Pampering yourself is a way to take care of yourself and enjoy life.

Talk to a Friend – Just connecting with someone you love can make a world of difference. Plus it’s a good way to get some stuff off of your chest. Or shall I say knees. 🙂

Adopt a Pet – It’s a proven fact that people with pets live longer. In addition, they educate us on matters of unconditional love.

Go on a Trip – Going on a trip can reduce stress and promote exercise. Both are great reasons to go on a journey and find a little knee pain relief.

Give Back – Giving others helps reduce stress which will take your mind off of your own worries. It also stimulates the hormone oxytocin which makes you feel good for giving back.

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Eating Right

Berries – Berries are tiny, tasty, and tantalizingly colorful. They’re also powerful friends for your health. Berries protect everything from your head to your heart. Including your knees.

Bananas – Eating bananas will help grease the joints. They also minimize the severity of some of the symptoms of arthritis.

Water – We all have heard the benefits of water but what are some of the harmful effects of not drinking enough. Three common ones are tiredness, migraine and muscle cramps.

Grapes – Need a yummy knee pain relief tip? According to Realage, the resveratrol in grapes has long been heralded for its heart-healthy properties. This means that grapes stop or slowdown inflammation.

Ginger – Did you know that one teaspoon of raw or cooked ginger a day can reduce muscle aches 25%? So, if you take two 30-milligram ginger extract capsules you could reduce arthritis-related knee pain.

Avocado – Aside from making skin smoother, avocados offer other benefits too. According to Healthfully.com a dietary supplement made from avocado & soybean oil may slow the progression of arthritis.

Flaxseeds – Flaxseed is a great knee pain relief tip because it is rich in essential fatty acids. And, guess what? They help decrease inflammation & may improve symptoms of arthritis in the knees.

Roasted Garlic – Garlic sometimes gets a bad rap. Especially if you are going on a date. However, garlic is also known to get the joints moving which will help prevent knee pain.

Omega-3 Fish – MayoClinic.com says that knee pain can strike individuals of all ages. However, omega-3 fatty acids may bring knee pain relief by reducing inflammation caused by conditions such as arthritis.

Soy Milk – Need some knee pain relief? Instead of pain prescriptions and over the counter medicine, AARP says to try drinking soy milk instead.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Although there is no cure for arthritis, people are taking ACV for a little knee pain relief. Great thing is that it’s perfectly healthy and natural for you to take.

Dark Chocolate – Now I love chocolate even more. According to the Journal of Nutrition dark chocolate decreases inflammation associated with arthritis.

Papaya Seed Tea – According to Healthhearty.com, drinking papaya seed tea has a positive effect in relieving joint pain. Drink PST at least 4-5 times every day for at least two weeks before you can see some results.

Turmeric – Turmeric is a perennial plant of the ginger family. Add a little in with some warm milk or yogurt and reduce arthritis related knee pain.

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Miscellaneous Knee Pain Relief Tips

Lose Weight – Your knees hold up 75% of your body weight for a majority of the day. If you are 20 years old your knees have worked overtime for 7300 days and counting.

Mind Your Feet – Knee pain relief has to start with your feet. If your feet aren’t working properly your knees have to compensate. Get your feet checked.

Tone Your Core – If we have a strong core then we can use it to do some work. A loose core creates all sorts of bad habits that will affect the knees.

Stretch – Stretching is vital to knee pain relief success. Even a simple 5 minute stretch in the morning and 5 minute stretch in the night can prevent pain. See our recommended stretching exercises!

Strengthen Your Butt – Good strength in the butt muscles is necessary. It’s a way to successfully perform many athletic movements as well as daily living activities.

Herbal Remedies – At least 20 different herbs exist for knee pain relief. They can be categorized as topical treatments and herbs that can be ingested to reduce the pain.

Lavender Oil – Lavender oil has been a huge hit since ancient times. It was used extensively on the battlefield to prevent infection and as a pain reliever.

Emu Oil – Studies have shown the anti-inflammatory effects of emu oil on a variety of ailments. Apparently it may reduce swelling and inflammation. In addition, it promotes joint mobility.

Massage – An increasing amount of massage therapists have seen runners, bikers and hikers. Each one has been surprised to find a form of knee pain relief through massage.

Get Aligned – It’s important to have good body alignment, not just when we exercise, but whenever we move our body. Getting aligned assures it’s success.

Start a Blog – Start a blog about knee pain relief. It’s an excellent way to educate yourself and help those who are looking for information.

Therapy – Sometimes things aren’t what they seem. Sometimes speaking with someone eases pain. Speaking with a therapist might help you to see life in a whole new and refreshing way.

Glucosamine – A study from pubmed.gov suggest that glucosamine supplementation can provide some degree of knee pain relief and improved function in people who experience regular knee pain.

Chondroitin – Runners talk, fuss, and worry about knee pain all the time. When pain strikes, they often turn to chondroitin. An over the counter supplement said to battle knee pain.

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Rid Yourself

Caffeine – Caffeine undoubtedly wakes you up. It has been suggested that caffeine can also induce knee pain as well as prohibit joint pain. Confused about your daily joe? Consult your doctor to see what works best for your knee pain relief needs.

Drugs – We all know the negative effects of drugs. The truth is the “safest” drugs can have bad effects on your health and well-being if they are used too often or over too long a period of time.

Negative Friends – Misery might like company but it doesn’t like negative friends. Get rid of those negative friends and start enjoying a more positive pain free life.

Processed Foods – Processed foods are foods that have been altered. So, if you suffer from arthritis, you could be making the pain worse by eating processed foods that cause inflammation.

Hydrogenated Fats – Hydrogenated fats are fats that are more unhealthy than any other. It’s the hydrogen that makes the fat harder, which is why it sticks to your arteries.

Arachidonic Acid – Doctors have various opinions on arachidonic acid. However, most would agree that a balance is necessary to avoid various kinds of health risks associated with excessive arachidonic acid. Consult your doctor if you are on the fence.

Extreme Anything – Living on the edge with an extreme mentality can be harmful in so many ways. Sticking to the theme of knee pain relief, don’t do extreme things. Do quality things.

Smoking – I think there is enough evidence to show smoking is bad. However, if you need more convincing smoking promotes cartilage loss and knee pain in people with knee osteoarthritis.

Salt – Too much salt can trigger all sorts of bad conditions. One of them is joint pain. Excess sodium increases the likelihood of swelling caused by excess fluid retention. Which isn’t good for knee pain relief.

Which knee pain relief tips do you use? Please comment below.

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Article last updated on January 7th, 2019, first published on April 12, 2013.

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