Bad Knees – 20 Healing Exercises & Activities

Bad Knee ExercisesIf you are feeling the blues because your bad knee is keeping you from doing certain activities, then think creatively. Knee pain can be tough to deal with but having pain doesn’t mean you can’t do any activity.

Depending on the severity of your sore, swollen or injured knee you can utilize this list of ideas to get the body moving without putting a lot of strain on your bad knee.


If you can stand up then archery should be on your list of things to do. You just have to have enough stamina to pull back a bow and propel an arrow at the bullseye.


Depending on where you live in the world you could always go up in a balloon and see part of the world. It’s exciting, it’s different and it keeps your bad knee from getting worse.


Get up and go to your local pool hall to have a little fun without rigorous activity. The best part about billiards is that most cities across the nation have a pool hall or two in them.


If your bad knee allows you to hold a 16 pound ball and take 4 steps then bowling is right up your alley. Bowling is an activity that isn’t hard on the legs and most cities offer plenty of places where you can engage in this activity.


Playing cards is a fun activity that allows you to completely rest your bad knee. In fact if your knee is really bad you can elevate it and get some blood pumping to the sore and swollen area.


Most people love to cook. Here is some great news. I don’t know a soul in the world who doesn’t love to eat. Call up a friend or a loved one and make him or her a special meal.


Like billiards, playing darts is a fun activity without putting a lot of stress on your bad knee. Most pool halls have dart boards in them so maybe you can do two activities without a lot of travel.


All you need is a driver’s license and enough energy to push the pedal to the metal. Oh and don’t forget you also might need a car if you want to go driving.


If you live in a fishing town and like to fish then give your bad knee a nice day off and hang out. Afterwards you can take the fish you caught and do another activity featured above. Cooking.

Horseback Riding

If you are in moderate discomfort and love horses as well as the outdoors then horseback riding is tons of fun. Just make sure you don’t ride so much that your bottom hurts more than your knee.


Kayaking is a great physical exercise that doesn’t use much lower body activity. Plus it’s very fun and burns tons of calories while getting the heart pumping.


If you have a bad knee and your feeling blue about it then go to a local comedy club and let yourself enjoy the talent. Laughing gives a nice workout to the diaphragm, abdominal, back and face muscles.

Mini Golf

One of the secret benefits of mini golfing is that it brings out the child in you. It is super fun and is usually offered in most cities across the nation.


If you want to find an art form that is therapeutic and fulfilling, then pick up a brush and canvas and let your creativity unfold. Who knows maybe one day you will be famous.


Photography is another way to get the creative juices flowing plus it’s pretty inexpensive nowadays.


If you love the outdoors then sailing is just for you and your bad knee. Not only will you be captain of your own boat but you will be getting a little vitamin D from taking in the right amount of sun.


More and more people are going to gun ranges. That is right. People of all ages are using gun ranges for recreational sport. Not only is it good for the bad knee but it will get you out of the winter blues too.


When the body enters the water it automatically gets lighter. That means less pressure on your bad knee. Plus it’s great for your flexibility, muscle tone and cardiovascular system.

Table Tennis

Did you know that the number two sport in the world is table tennis? Not only is it super popular but you can enjoy this fun activity at any age.


You have to walk before you run but if you can’t run because of your bad knee then go back to walking. If your legs can handle it then the benefits are wonderful.

Need even more ideas on how to heal your bad knees? See our 101 knee pain relief tips & tricks and you will no doubt find more than one which works!

What are some exercises or activities you enjoy while healing your bad knee? Let us know your ideas below.

Article last updated on January 7th, 2019, first published on February 13, 2013.

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